Log Making

It was a bit soggy on the plot today but I spent a couple of hours in the shed, drinking tea, giving myself a headache with the meths fumes and making a recycled paper brick. I’m pretty impressed with the logmaker, I got it from ebay (ekomania) for about £17 and its a sturdy machine.

Here’s the logmaking process in montage:


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New Garden Centre Opens

New Garden Centre Opens

The seed order has arrived on the plot and it looks like I might have gone a tad overboard.

Having laid the exciting little packets out on the bench I was tempted to throw a sign up on the front door of the shed and declare my very own garden centre well and truly open.

Where the heck is all that lot going to go?

I’ve developed a bit of a head cold over the last few days so I only planned to do a little pottering today. Ended up buying a bargain foldaway chair from Homebase (£7) on the way down so my couple of hours pottering turned into a couple of hours reading the paper in the shed. A hot cup-a-tea wouldn’t have gone amiss but other than that I think I have this gardening malarkey pretty much sussed.

Log making Step 1

After finishing with the paper I tore it up, along with the cardboard from the chair, chucked in a few of my manky tissues for good luck, stirred them up in a bucket of drain water and left to soak into pulp. I’ve just ordered a cheap logmaker from ebay so the pulp is to make my own recycled paper logs. Apparently they make pretty good firestarters and it is certainly satisfying to see all your junk mail go up in flames.

I don’t have an open fire at home but I need something substantial and hopefully flammable to get a good roaring fire going on the plot, the couch grass roots just don’t seem to incinerate that well on their own. If they work out well, I’ll make loads and offer them up on freecycle, minus the manky tissues of course.

Muck spreading

Just before I left the plot I managed to stir myself to do a bit of muck spreading. Five of these sacks didn’t seem to go that far but I’m sure the spuds will appreciate what little I can offer. I don’t think we can get deliveries of the loose stuff on our plot which is a shame as I think my Dad managed to get a couple of tonnes of the stuff for the price I paid for my sacks.

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