Joint Awards

A long, long, time ago, easygardener gave me a very welcome award – the E for Excellent award and recently Rhiannon from GreenPatch spoiled me further with the Arte y Pico award.

Now it’s time to pass these treats on to some great bloggers who have entertained me over the last few months.

arte-y-pico.JPG excellent-90x138.jpg

Apparently I can choose 10 bloggers to recognise but that seems like an awful lot so we’ll see how the list pans out:

  • Soilman – for his down to earth style, who manages to educate and entertain in almost equal measures.
  • Nigey – who understands my bodging antics.
  • Faites-Simple – beautifully written, interesting posts. I love following this one for the rural escape plan.
  • Carrots and Kids – pick a post any post and you’ll love as I do.
  • The Big Sofa – another of my favourite blogs and we are practically neighbours!
  • Someone else’s Kitchen – Amanda has just moved over to Canada and now lives life on a mammoth scale, see the toilet rolls or greenhouse.
  • An Artists Garden – for the sheer beauty of it, but what do you expect with a title like that?

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