Bullace Jam

You probably have just enough time left to follow in our footsteps and create the worlds most delicious hedgerow jam.

Two weeks ago we stumbled upon a laden bullace tree and decided to gather ourselves a few fruits for a stewed pudding. They were so abundant and easy to reach that a few fruits rapidly turned into a carrier bag full and I had inadvertantly created myself the chore of an evening’s worth of jam making.

I am deep in the depths of a sugar free, gluten free, dietary phase so jam making is not high on my to do list.

Fortunately the kids are less faddy than me and were happy with the opportunity to sample.

Bullace jam is apparently the “best jam ever”, and two weeks post production it is still the preserve of choice. Today I was told it forms the perfect accompaniment to applewood cheese and toast, beating quince jelly hands down.

So if you are quick, you might still be able to gather some wild plums for your own supply of champion jam. Here’s the recipe:

Bullace Jam
Arguably the world's best hedgerow jam......
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  1. 2lbs of bullace wild plums
  2. 1.5 lbs granulated sugar
  3. 1/2 pint water
  1. wash the fruit
  2. put all the ingredients into a large preserving pan and bring slowly to a boil
  3. spend ages stirring and fishing out the stones
  4. bring up to the boil and either heat to the jam setting point 105'C (test with a jam thermometer) or test for a set on a cool saucer.
  5. pour into pre-sterilised jars, seal and wait for the bread to toast.
  1. Some suggest cutting the fruit in half to check for bugs and to remove the stones but all the unpalatable bits float to the surface for you to fish out. It took an age to retrieve all the stones but I think on balance it was quicker than cutting out the stones.
  2. I used the thermometer method but the moment it reached setting point it managed to turn the base of my pan to a fruity toffee consistency and I had to quickly remove from the heat.
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