A Room of One’s Own

20121103-203537.jpgI’ve always considered the allotment shed to be a home from home but the recent crop failings and resultant low morale has led it to be more of an irregular holiday home and our lack of attentiveness became apparent today.

Opening the shed I discovered my boots had been used as a rubbish receptacle, I tried blaming Lynn but further inspection revealed the worrying signs that squatters had moved in – the Rich Tea biscuits had been half inched, the coffee whitener nibbled and a row of unappealing black deposits lined up on the supplies shelf.

It appears that a mouse has declared my boot a room of his own.

20121103-203626.jpgI’m quite impressed with his interior design. A veritable cornucopia was packed deep into the toe recess, including two real ale bottle tops and a large handful of plum stones.

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3 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own

  1. Compostwoman

    Sweet, but I would be concentrating more on the trail of mouse urine everywhere ( including inside your boots! )

  2. Angela

    A wonderful tale about a ‘room’ that is your own, but not quite. Is the mouse still enjoying his new house?

    I enjoyed reading your descriptive writing. You have created an inspirational gardening blog, thanks a lot.

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