The Air was Blue

There were some ripe utterances on the plot this morning and for a change it wasn’t me doing the cursing.

One of my latest crazes is woodworking but beyond whittling a wooden spoon and purchasing assorted hand tools I haven’t really progressed the hobby much further. I’ve sharpened one of many vintage chisels and have hacked at a sticking door frame with a blunt Stanley plane but it has hardly been an intense or successful apprenticeship.

So when we arrived on the plot and it became clear that true joinery skills would be required, I skulked off to deal with the tricky weeding and left Lynn to handle the construction tasks.

Cue much swearing….

I’d requested a second compost bin for the plot so that we can turn the contents of the bins from time to time and speed up the decomposition. Having spent a week scouring the neighbourhood for discarded pallets we had acquired enough to start the build.

The pallets were pretty much indestructible and Lynn wielded that hammer for a good hour before the blocks would loosen sufficiently to be able to fashion a sliding door for the front of the bin. I busied myself with the camera and tried to stay out of reach of the swing.

Looking back at the photos now its hard to see quite what my contribution to the day was, it even appears that Lynn completed the transfer of the compost between bins despite the very real threat of vermin attack. I can confirm that I did dig one bean trench and made a cup of tea. I would have made a bacon butty for the worker too but I’d managed to bring slightly past its best bacon and thought it best not to poison her.

We left the plot satisfied but a little hungry.

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5 thoughts on “The Air was Blue

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  2. Graham

    After many years of tackling pallets, I’ve found the easiest way to tackle them is with a hacksaw blade, a new blade wrapped at the one end with strong tape, is easy to pry the joints apart slightly and simply cut through the nails, about half an hour per pallet.

  3. earthwoman

    Thanks very much for the tip, I’ll pass that on and we can try it out when we move on to compost bin no: 3.

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