Growing, or at least Planting Sweet Potatoes

I reached into the veg basket this morning hoping to find a selection of ingredients for a wholesome veggie curry and pulled out this whopping sweet potato – a little past it’s best I’d say.

It seemed a shame to cook it, so although it is way too late in the season I decided it might be worth planting.

I had a sense that sweet potatoes are a right faff in the UK and although Bob Flowerdew grows them successfully I didn’t stand a cat in hells chance.

I’ve done a bit more research now and I’m beginning to hope that it rots in situ. Here’s a quote from one site on How To Grow Sweet Potatoes:

In fact, the question is not how to grow sweet potatoes, it’s rather how to stop sweet potato vines from taking over the whole garden! Sweet potato is a very invasive creeper…

Sounds like I might have inadvertently attempted to cultivate a persistent weed on the allotment. Great.

Sweet Potatoes are usually cultivated from slips which I think are the shoots that you can see on my sweet potato photo. They can be potted up and grown on before planting out in May but I imagine they will still grow ok if you chuck the whole tuber in. This one will never be harvested though, they need about 4 to 6 months of sunshine to mature and I don’t expect we’ll have a lot of that between November and February.

I’ll be sure to let you know if anything outstanding happens.

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