Plot Weeding Ultimatum and a Prize

The committee ladies accosted us at the gates and threw down an ultimatum. Apparently our plot needed weeding and weeding quick. We had 3 days.

They then told us that we had won the best new comers award – no congratulations implied.

Apparently we were now in the running for best new comers in the whole of Croydon. The committee had seemed slightly pre-occupied by the pan-Croydon allotment competition for a few weeks. A fancy new pergola has been erected by the entrance and bee hives have been introduced into a tiny corner.

Everyone has been instructed to tidy up and now it was our turn. All eyes on our plot.

We thanked them in shame and scooted off to de-weed our flower bed.

In the privacy of our own plot we allowed a little smugness to sneak through. Lynn insisted that it must have been her onions what done it while I maintain that it can only be the peaches of wonder.

Here’s a quick tour of our award winning plot.

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The Remains of the Day

You know it’s been a great evening when you finish off with a couple of empty bottles of fine ale and a bucket full of fresh produce. Days really don’t get much better than this.

We sat in the sun and ate Ratte potatoes boiled with freshly podded peas and pondered over the mystery of carrots. Yet again I managed to produce just 3 carrots out of 3 assorted packets of seed.

I don’t understand how you can grow 3 fine specimens and then about 300 abject failures.

The peach tree has proved to be the most exciting feature of the plot. We transplanted it inĀ  the snow and had concerns for it’s future but it has bounced back and covered itself in fruit. Each week I rush up to check how much they’ve grown and confirm that no one has nicked them yet.

They are looking particularly peachy at the moment but are still rock solid. This is my most eagerly anticipated crop, I can’t wait to try it.

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