Identification Challenge

My parents visited again this weekend and while I was spoiling myself with another half marathon attempt, they were perusing the seed aisles at Wisley.

Here’s my share of their finds:

Assorted Squash

It’s a pack of 10 assorted yet edible Italian squashes. The seeds were packed together so there was hours of fun trying to identify 10 unique varieties. I could seperate 5 distinct seed types before bundling the remaining into a large nondescript pile. I still haven’t  a clue what any of the seeds are, I’m assuming that the large seeds give rise to the larger squash and maybe the bent seed is the crookneck squash but I suppose I could be completely wrong.

I’ve labelled them with the vague impression that I may treat this as an identification puzzle. There is a very slight possibility that I may label my sowings properly this year and eventually manage to marry seeds with fruit and then if the pigs fly, I might save the said seeds and be full of enlightenment this time next year.

Or not of course.

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Month in Pictures – September 08

Month in Pictures - September 2008

It was a bit of a struggle to find enough for photos for Septembers month in pictures. What a wash out it’s been. I’ve hardly made it to the plot at all this month.

I’ve started saving a few seeds and amazingly some of them have even dried out enough for storing. In the specimen jars I have poppy, blue mist, foxglove and sweet peas. The first two self seeded everywhere and almost all plot holders would call these weeds but I love them and can’t bring myself to yank them up when they blossom in the middle of my semi-pristine rows.

It’ll look like Flanders next year.

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Honey Beer and Onions

The weekend was a scorcher, which was a blessing as I had quite a few onion sets to plant. I arrived thinking I had a fairly big job on my hands trying to find a home for about 200 onions but when I opened the padded envelope and ripped open 1 of the 3 sacks of onions, I realised that 1000 might be nearer the mark.

I was pretty determined not to run out of onions quite as quickly as I had this year but 1000 might be overkill. Much sucking of teeth and sharp intakes of breath followed as I wondered where they were all going to go. I could actually turn the entire plot over to onions at that rate but that was going to require a lot of digging. My big job just got a lot bigger, so I did the only thing that can be done under the circumstances. I opened a bottle of honey beer and had a little sit down to think.

Two bottles of waggledance later, the onions were still sitting there, so I gave one pack to my neighbour and reduced the challenge by a third. Success!

A couple of wonky rows went in before I started watering and was pleased to create my very own rainbow. Having the foot of the rainbow land in my Brussel Sprout patch must augur well for a bumper Christmas harvest, it didn’t unfortunately mark the site of a pot of gold.


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