One Year On

One year on there is a real sense of the growing season ebbing away, quite a different feel to last September when everything was just starting. The weather was quite different too, scorching last year vs sodden this year. 

New Strawberry Bed

There are a few similarities, I’m back to digging and I’m planting strawberries again, I’ve even got another pile of weeds forming but this summer it doesn’t look like the heap will ever dry out sufficiently to set it aflame.

The strawberry bed was a mass of tangles, strawberry runners twirled around bindweed stems and I felt it was time to have a clean up. I’m probably a little late actually but I’m sure they’ll be happier with some breathing room now. It also gave me chance to clear out the last remaining patch of bindweed hiding underneath the pond liner.

Here’s the yearly progress shot from the water butt – anticlockwise: Sept 07, Mar 08, Aug 08, Sept 08.

A Year at the Water Butt

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Month in Pictures – August 08

Month in Pictures - August 2008 

Despite the grotty wet weather, August still flourished and I spent almost all of my gardening time harvesting crops. Can’t complain about that but it does mean I failed to sow any overwintering crops, hopefully September sown spring cabbages will still be productive.

Blight inevitably struck towards the middle of the month so I pulled up all the spuds up and kept my fingers crossed for the health of the greenhouse tomatoes.

With the major crops out, and the blight spreading across the outdoor tomatoes the plot began to look a bit tatty towards the end of the month. Shame really but I suppose that’s the way with gardening, its time to start looking forward to the view of freshly turned soil.

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Spikey Pear Leaf Growth

I have slipped a long way back and can feel the pressure of a blogging backlog so I best bite the bullet and post these photos. 

Otherside of Pear Thingy

A while ago I noticed reddish stains appearing on the tops of my pear leaves or at least one reddish stain on one pear leaf.

I humphed and pfftted a bit, but did nothing further. When my folks visited last weekend I sent them off to investigate and it seems that almost every leaf is now troubled and the underside has a peculiar spikey growth, reminiscent of an Ankylosaurus.

Pear Thingy 

We picked it apart but didn’t find evidence of any juicy bugs.

Anyone know what it is?

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